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How to get bigger biceps in just 30 days

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When you are trying to develop an attractive upper body, then the first question arises in your mind is “How to get bigger biceps?” A biceps workout will help you get there really quick. They are the ones most often you are showing off when you flex your arms. If you aim to get bigger biceps and strong arms, you should involve more than doing the same exercises repeatedly. Learn different strategies, support muscle group exercises, and don’t forget to consume the required protein intake to promote bigger, stronger biceps.

Before you even start training your biceps start by doing some stretching exercise to avoid injuries and muscle soreness.

Step 1 – Regular-grip Barbell Curl; –

This classic bicep workout earns the top place in the chart because of its impact on muscle growth. If you just perform this exercise with consistency you would still come out with a visible change in your bicep’s growth.

Regular-grip Barbell Curl – 3 to 4 sets / 8 to 10 reps / 30 sec gap in between sets

Of course, you can change the length of your grip width but keeping it as wide as your shoulder will give you better contraction of the target muscle and better control over the bar, which may reduce the discomfort that some people experience with a barbell. A narrower grip on the bar will emphasize the long head of the muscle, while a wider grip on the bar will emphasize the short head of the muscle.

Step 2 – Wide-grip Barbell Curl –

This exercise is the extension of the regular barbell curl, through this exercise you can activate the inner muscles of your biceps.

  • Also allows you to use more weight than a narrow grip does
  • Helps you build bigger and stronger biceps
  • Places the primary stress on the shorter (inner) head of the biceps
Wide-grip Barbell Curl – 3 to 4 sets / 10 to 12 reps / 30 sec gap in between sets

Step 3 -Standing Hammer Curl –

To perform this exercise, you need to pick two dumbbells of the same weight and start the exercise. It has got its name because of the way it is performed; it looks like you are hammering the dumbbells towards your shoulder.

standing hammer curl
3 sets / 8 to 10 reps

Also, you can try –

alternate hammer_curl
Alternate hammer curl
cable hammer_curl

Cable hammer curl

Step 4 – Concentration Curl –

To perform this workout, you have to sit on a bench that’s set at the height of your knees. Now sit on the bench keeping your knees bent at 90° with your feet flat on the floor. Pick one dumbbell in your right hand and place the back of your elbow on the inner part of your right thigh. Your hand should be extended holding the dumbbell off the floor.

concentration curl biceps workout
Concentration Curl – 4 sets / 10 reps or up to failure

Slowly curl the dumbbell up near your chin by only moving your forearms. While holding the dumbbell up, pause for a second and squeeze your biceps, then slowly release the weight back to the start. Continue 10 reps with your right hand, and then switch to the other hand and complete 10 reps.

Step 5 -EZ bar Curl –

EZ-bar curl is easy to perform, it’s similar to Barbell curl. Instead of a barbell you can grab an Ez-bar, put the required weight on both sides. Now stand in front of the Mirror holding the EZ-bar with your hands extended. Curl your hands up, towards your chest, keeping your elbows by the side of your chest. Hold it for a second at the top and then release the weight in a slow and controlled motion.

Full EZ bar curl for biceps workout
Full swing – EZ bar curl
Half EZ bar curl for biceps workout
Half swing – EZ bar curl

Step 6 – Inclined Dumbbell curl –

To perform this workout, you’ll require a workout bench and Adjust the bench to a 45- to 60-degree inclined.

Choose a pair of dumbbells, which is heavy enough to build the tension in your biceps muscles and you are confident enough to perform curls with that weight.

inclined dumbbell curl
Inclined dumbbell curl – 3 4 sets / 8 to 10 reps / 30 sec gap in between sets

Now, sit on the bench resting your back against the bench and your arms hanging on both sides holding one dumbbell in each hand. Curl the dumbbells while your palms are facing up until your hand reaches your shoulder. Have your biceps squeezed at the top of the movement for a full contraction. Lower the dumbbells, slowly and with complete control, back to its’ starting position.

Step 7 – Overhead cable curl –

Overhead cable curl is another biceps-focused exercise performed using two cable stacks, and also you would require two D-handles. You have to raise your arms and elbows are held at shoulder height to perform the curls. You have to catch two cables your plums facing up and then curl your hands towards your head. This workout is designed to exclude shoulder involvement and momentum, and only targeting the biceps peak.

overhead biceps cable curl
Overhead Biceps Cable Curl – 3 to 4 sets / 8 to 10 reps / 30 sec gap in between sets

Step 8 – Preachers Curl –

To perform this bicep workout, you would require a preacher’s bench, (What is a preacher’s bench) and adjust the height to the level of your armpits. Then rest your upper hand (triceps area) on the slope of the bench. Hold a dumbbell or a barbell with the required weight using an underhand grip (palms facing up) with your arms extended on the Preacher’s curl bench slope. Curl the weight up, keeping your triceps resting on the bench, until your forearms are vertical. Take a pause for a second at the top of the curl, and slowly lower the weight until your arms are fully extended once again. Make sure your feet are firmly placed at the ground and your shoulder is making any movement.

preachers curl workout
Preachers Curl – 3 sets / 8 to 10 reps or until failure

Step 9 – Chin Up –

The bicep workouts cannot be complete without using this bodyweight exercise.  The chin-up is one of the most effective but is also a challenging upper body exercise.

muscles effected by chin up exercise
Muscles effected by chin up exercise

Grab a bar that is fixed at a height that is higher than your highest. Then from a hanging position from the bar. Now you simply pull yourself up towards the bar until your chin passes over it, and then lower yourself back down (keeping your feet off the ground). Repeat until failure for at least 3 sets.

How to perform chin up exercise
Chin-up – 3 sets / 8 to 10 reps or until failure

Step 10 – Push Up –

This is yet another great body-weight exercise to get bigger biceps yet simple to perform. First, you need to lie on the floor or on your yoga mat, up-side-down (facing the floor) and then you should push yourself up using your hands. Place your hands firmly on both side of your chest and then apply force on the floor to take you body part from the floor. Remember to keep your shoulder, waist, knee & hill are in a straight line.

how to do push up exercise
Push-up – 4 sets / 12 to 15 reps / 1 min gap in between sets
How to perform push ups correctly
Correct your push up form

Extra tips –

Don’t over-train, let the muscles recover. Don’t work on your biceps more than twice, as this muscle group works with almost every upper body movement. So let the target muscle – ‘’biceps’‘ relax and recover to gain the optimum output.

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